Page rules

  • Pages that have any content that violates Wikia's Terms of Use may have to be altered or deleted.
  • Pages that are just Wikipedia copy & paste will be deleted.
  • Fanfics containing any extremely pornographic and lewd content may have to be deleted.
  • Satire pages are allowed, just make sure it has Miiverse related content.
    • Satire pages that are meant to make fun of, slander, and insult Miiverse users will have to be deleted.
  • Vandalism: Replacing content with spam, Intentionally adding content that violates Wikia's ToU, and removing everything until a page is empty is a no no.
    • First offense will be a 1 week block, then a 1 month block, and then even longer.
  • Spamming the page comments may earn you a 1 day block.

Wiki and Forum Rules


  • Spamming the forums will be a 1 day block
    • Constantly advertising and posting off-topic stuff in threads also counts as spam.
  • Constantly derailing threads will be a 1 day block and even longer if continued derailments happen.
  • harassment, constantly insulting users, or intentionally trying to annoy and piss people off will be a 2 week block or longer.
  • Posting anything that violates Wikia's Terms of Use in the forums will be either edited or deleted.
    • Posting porn will be a 1 week block.
    • Posting someone's personal info will be a 5 month block or longer.
    • Posting any kind of malware or viruses will be a 1 year block.

Wiki rules

  • Making useless edits on pages, forums, user profiles, and blogs will be 3 day block or longer.
  • Editing someones profile without a permission will be considered vandalism and will be a 1 week block.
  • Using alts to bypass a block will result in your main account's block getting extended and the alt being perma-blocked.

Making Ban Appeals

When making a ban appeal to get unblocked from LMR or LMR2 please read what you should and should not do.

  • When writing your ban appeal try to keep it calm and mature.
  • Put good reasons why you think you should be unblocked.
  • Using constant swears and insults won't make you look very mature and might give us a reason to keep you blocked.
  • Filling the whole thing with caps lock makes your ban appeal look like an unreadable messy shitpost.